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 Myself; Yourself: Geral

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Número de Mensagens : 251
Idade : 26
Data de inscrição : 23/04/2007

MensagemAssunto: Myself; Yourself: Geral   Ter Jan 01, 2008 1:38 pm

Citação :
Myself ; Yourself is set in 2007 in the fictional town Sakuranomori (桜乃杜, Sakuranomori?) in W Prefecture which is modeled after Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. The town is in a quiet, rural area on the southern tip of the prefecture and borders the Pacific Ocean. Sakuranomori is the birthplace of Sana Hidaka, a sixteen year old high school student, who grew up with his childhood friend Nanaka Yatsushiro, his cousin Aoi Oribe, his best male friend Syusuke Wakatsuki, and his twin sister Syuri Wakatsuki. Sana left Sakuranomori when he was eleven years old, but returns five years later living on his own in the apartment building Aoi's family runs. Sana soon finds out that while some things have stayed the same, there are still just as many things that have changed. Early on, he meets another girl his age named Asami Hoshino and quickly becomes friends with her, though Nanaka develops a jealous streak whenever she sees Sana with Asami. Sana also gets to know his twenty-five-year-old homeroom teacher Yuzuki Fujimura who has a habit of handing out caramel candies to her students. At the same time, Syusuke helps a ten-year-old girl who is being bullied named Hinako Mochida; she instantly falls for him and tries to act more like an adult so he will like her back.

Acabou a 26 de Dezembro do ano passado. xD
Comecei a ver ontem e estou a gostar até agora... Alguém conhece?


Arigatou, Nami. *-*

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Fã Vidrado
Fã Vidrado

Número de Mensagens : 149
Idade : 28
Data de inscrição : 28/04/2007

MensagemAssunto: Re: Myself; Yourself: Geral   Qua Jan 02, 2008 8:13 pm

O final desiludiu-me um pouco, mas é um bom anime. ^^
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Myself; Yourself: Geral
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